Miloscia bill would help correct pay inequity for Federal Way teachers

Sen. Mark Miloscia

Sen. Mark Miloscia has introduced legislation that would put Federal Way School District teachers on equal footing with teachers in nearby districts when it comes to salaries.

“A portion of the McCleary school-funding plan passed by the Legislature last year concerns the regionalization of teacher pay,” Miloscia explained, noting that he opposed that portion of the funding plan. “It ends up that the Federal Way School District’s amount for teacher pay is lower than all of the school districts around us. This could harm Federal Way schools because it could entice some teachers to leave and go to Des Moines, Auburn or other nearby districts. So I introduced a bill to make Federal Way’s pay factor the same as in those school districts around us.

“This is a top priority for the Federal Way School District, and I’m proud to lead the effort in the Senate to fix this unjust pay formula that was put in against the school district. It will give Federal Way teachers a little more pay so they don’t have salary inequity and will instead be paid the same amount as in Auburn or surrounding school districts,” added Miloscia, R-Federal Way.

Miloscia’s bipartisan measure, Senate Bill 6447, would accomplish his goal by changing the school district regionalization factors adopted in 2017 for certified instructional, certified administrative, and classified staff to a different set of factors developed later in the year.

The proposal been referred to the Senate Early Learning and K-12 Education Committee for consideration.

Senate Bill 6447 is a companion measure to HB 2366, sponsored by 30th District Reps. Kristine Reeves and Mike Pellicciotti.