Miloscia government quality plan clears first committee hurdle

Before today’s committee cutoff date, the Accountability and Reform Committee passed the Performance Management Act (Senate Bill 5737), the ambitious quality improvement and waste reduction plan introduced by Sen. Mark Miloscia. The legislation would implement Lean management practices in state government with nationally-recognized Baldrige assessments to ensure measurable results.

“This is a positive first step for our effort to fully implement quality measures in our state government,” said Miloscia, chair of the Senate Accountability and Reform Committee. “We hope the executive branch will work with the Legislature as we develop a complete plan with real, deliverable results.”

Senate Bill 5737 would create an Office of Performance Management (OPM) in the governor’s office with a focus on implementing Lean performance management systems and Baldrige assessments of agency progress. The bill requests one percent annual savings from agencies, increasing to two percent annual savings four years after implementation of a performance management plan. Such savings could be as much as $300 million per biennium. Additionally, the legislation requires that no reduction of personnel should result from savings created by Lean management.

“This bill will help us deliver on the promises of quality and waste reduction we’ve made to citizens,” said Miloscia. “By tying world-class quality practices to world-class quality measurements we can provide real accountability and savings for taxpayers year-after-year.”