Miloscia receives performance excellence award

Last week, Performance Excellence Northwest recognized Sen. Mark Miloscia along with Oregon Sen. Alan Bates for their service and leadership in advancing standards of performance excellence in the Pacific Northwest. Miloscia serves as chair of the Senate Accountability and Reform Committee and was recently selected to serve on the national board of examiners for the United States Department of Commerce Baldrige Performance Excellence Program.

“This is a true honor to receive this award,” said Miloscia. “I take the pursuit of performance excellence very seriously and believe these are the standards of service that people want and deserve. We need to keep spreading the message that there is a better way to run organizations and serve the community. I hope I can continue doing my part to promote quality and real results.”

Performance Excellence Northwest partners with local organizations and businesses to develop business excellence and continuous improvement using leading performance tools. They promote the use of the Baldrige Excellence Framework established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology at the United States Department of Commerce.

Miloscia introduced Baldrige performance standards to the Legislature and performed audits on many different organizations across the Pacific Northwest. As chair of the Senate Accountability and Reform Committee, he revealed a need for increased performance standards in government and pushed for the use of world-class quality management systems in troubled state agencies.