Senate passes Miloscia bill to protect workers from wage theft

Olympia… The Senate today passed legislation that would protect workers from wage theft. The bill would prevent the state from awarding contracts to companies who willfully violate wage-theft laws.

“This is a great bill that will protect workers and encourages ethical business practices,” said Miloscia, R-Federal Way. “Wage theft doesn’t just harm workers; it also hurts the honest businesses in our state.”

Senate Bill 5301 would require companies seeking state contracts to certify that a court has not found them to be a willful violator of wage-theft laws within the three-year period before seeking the contract.

The most common form of wage theft occurs when an employer does not pay an employee what they have earned. Since 2007, the Department of Labor and Industries has identified over a thousand business that have repeatedly violated wage laws.

Miloscia added, “I am pleased to work with Attorney General Bob Ferguson on passing this ‘good government’ bill.”